Unidentified cluster

Following the rules of ED will provide results as objective and representative as possible.

  • Every archive is unique.
  • Everybody who is involved in the process is held in respect.
  • An archive is not a set of random images: it always has an owner.
  • The edit is made according to the expertise based on an established system, professional experience and common sense.
  • Editors are responsible for their decisions.
  • Editors have to be able to justify their actions.
  • Every edit is treated individually and independently.
  • There is no aim to find a pattern, but a singularity.
  • The purpose of the edit is to make a representational model that can substitute the whole.
  • Exceptions can be made in the process, admitting mistakes and changing opinion is appreciated.
  • The edit is done in a strict, but focused manner.
  • Esthetics is considered, but never overrules reason.
  • Authenticity, representation and singularity are the main criteria of the final edit.
  • Knowledge gained while editing has a great value and is taken into consideration during the next edits. Therefore, all the questions and discussions are documented.
  • Accuracy of the final edit and future impact on everybody who is involved stands above all.
  • More than two people should perform the edit to avoid one-sided opinion.
  • Any case of doubt or disagreement is to be resolved by discussion.
  • Decisions have to be unanimous.
  • The archive is the only source of information for the editors.
  • Nothing external that could influence the original context can be added.
  • Personal judgment or assessment is forbidden.
  • Irrelevant remarks and comments are forbidden.
  • The common goal to create a representative model goes above the editors’ personal opinions.