Nikki Brormann (1984)

Applied ethicist. She studied philosophy and ethics at the University of Utrecht and several other Universities across the world. After her graduation she realized that philosophers are as good at argumentation as they are bad at communication and set on to learning the skill of communicating research through a Master of Design at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam, Rietveld Academy). Nikki now works as a research teacher at the Sandberg Institute, the Utrecht College of Arts (HKU), and works for a company that has developed a model for sustainable energy scenario’s and decision making.

Ola Lanko (1985)

Visual artist. She studied sociology at National University in Kiev, photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Ola uses a systematic and analytical way of thinking together with a playful visual language as her method to work with photography and explore it as a medium. She believes that in order to get the most from the visual information we are surrounded by, it is necessary to develop a qualitative approach to the process of looking, have a critical attitude towards images and be conscious about the place photography takes in our lives.

Sterre Sprengers (1984)

Image editor. She studied documentary photography at the Royal Academy of Arts. During her study, Sterre did an internship at daily newspaper nrc.next as assistant photo editor. Here she learned the trade of editing and in 2009 she became chief image editor. Sterre now works for De Correspondent, combining the practice of editing imagery with writing about photography in contemporary media as well as all other parts of everyday life.