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Editing the world

September 24, 2013


ED is happy to be a part of the special lecture programme on UNSEEN photo festival in Amsterdam. Official launch of our book will take place on Friday 27th of September from 14:00 till 16:30 at MC Theatre Westergasfabriek

“As part of the Unseen lectures programme is a section dedicated to the theme, Editing the World. The theme addresses the democratization of photography and the ease with which images are created and shared, which has created a constantly growing global digital archive.

We live between such a profusion of images that we can scarcely distinguish between valuable and worthless images. Good filters are therefore essential and are becoming increasingly important in helping us to distinguish value. Artists, writers, editors and curators are adept at filtering their surroundings and form a reference point for our own selection process. Is there such a thing as a valuable system that can hep us to edit the world? How do we sustain ourselves effectively within this abundance of information?

After an introduction by David Campbell (writer, researcher, teacher, videographer and producer), the programme will continue with a panel debate led by Caroline von Courten between Monica Allende (Sunday Times Magazine Photo Editor), David Campbell, Jörg colberg (Conscientious) and Penelope Umbrico (photographer).

This will be followed by a short presentation by ED: Restoring the Value of Photography Through Editing. ED is a collective of five young experts (Brigiet van den Berg, Nikki Brörmann, Simone Engelen, Ola Lanko and Sterre Sprengers) in the field of images, their meaning and aesthetic value. Through their objective, professional and analogue method of editing, they strive towards the ideal ‘less is more’ and restoring the value of photos that are important enough to save, revisit and remember.” (from official announcement about the program)